Getting Started with the Amazon Appstore

Install the Amazon Appstore

Follow these instructions to install the Amazon Appstore on your Android phone or tablet.

Note: The steps below should take less than 30 seconds per device.

1 Confirm Your Device Allows Installation of the Amazon Appstore

  • Open Settings and navigate to Unknown sources option (under Applications or Security depending on your device).
  • If Unknown sources is already checked, you can skip this step.
  • If unchecked, tap the checkbox and then tap OK on the confirmation popup.

2 Download the Amazon Appstore

3 Install the Amazon Appstore

  • When the download is complete, open your notifications and tap Amazon_Appstore-release.apk.
  • Tap Install.
  • Tap Open.
  • That’s it! Sign in with your account and start enjoying thousands of apps for Android.



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